A Distant World

US TRD Another World?

The adventures return to town three days later, and describe the events to Lord Stranthorn. Stranthorn asks Trevor how long he thinks it will take him to repair the device. Trevor estamates three weeks, and Stranthorn resolves to arrive at the finishing of the project in three weeks hence. The intervening weeks are slow and tedious with Trevor lost in his work.

Three weeks later Trevor gets tha machine online. With Lord Stranthorn arriving the next day. A whole entourage has come to see the event. Lord Stranthorn and a few attendants ener the workshop to see the event in person. Trevor turns on the device and it creates a stable light gateway.

Lord Stranthorn preforms a test by throwing a block of wood through the gateway. Kewnoe upon seeing this uses telekinesis to send a bolt through and pull it back. It is then suggested to use a syglass to look through the gateway. They see the block in a room on the other side. Krenor suggests using a living object by sending in a chicken. The chicken arrives safely in the other room. On an impulse Kalnor goes through the portal. He finds a room with a hexagon shape, and an aqua marine color glass. He picks up the chicken and heads back through.

Lord Stranthorn sends Rush, Trevor and Krenor through to as a search party in for one hour. They go though and find that the place has the same time and date as local. They can tell by the functioning computer consoles near the chamber where they enter. The facility is well maintained just dusty. They find a ready room with a dead solder and a note.

They take a nearby functioning lift to ground level. The place has partly functioning lights, and functioning old tech. Rush hears an alarm in the distance. Going through a security checkpoint they realize they are in the same layout of facility they were in earlier, but different in what was functioning. It shows no sign of a Darkling attack. They make their way to main security exactly where it was before, but with everything functioning. They turn off the alarm. grab all recent reports and make their way back. The last report is January 14 2001

They make it back when the portal comes in it sets off alarms about an unknown gate connection. Travis is interested in the news of a darkling free world and wants them to explore more. He takes the notes and papers to be worked on and studied. He informs everyone a few days later of what was found. Apparently the place died in some sort of mass war with radiation killing people. The notes on the guard was a suicide note.

Raiding the US TRD

The adventures make it back to Oak Hill. They have successfully rescued the trader Cecil from the clutches of The Shadowrose Society. He is grateful and gives Trevor the parts he needs for free. However Travis Stranthorn pays him anyway. This leaves getting the special vacuum tubes, and silicon discs to complete the repairs to the machine.

Cecil has been getting supplies from an old military base a few days light travel away. He has not explored it extensively, and it looks like it is heavily damaged. The route to what he thinks is the main complex is caved in. He does however provide directions, and a map of the area he has explored.

In addition Trevor calls on a local scholar for assistance on anything in records relating to the old military base. The scholar is able to pull up a map for visiting officals. In addition he finds a card with: Experimental Lab – US TRD Offical Entrance Access Code: 352 The location of the main entrance to the facility is also noted on the old maps.

Meanwhile Krenor went gambling at the local pub. He manipulates the game with his abulities, and some people begin to get suspicious. However Krenor uses the winnings to buy beer for the whole bar, and keeps them all in good spirits.

With the preparations, and research done they decide to go to the main entrance of the US TRD facility. As they reach the outer ruins a chared sign is found by Trevor. They see the TRD logo from the old documents in addition the badly damaged words: Temp…. ….rch Division. Trevor thinks it could mean Temporal Research Division.

After pushing through some old rubble they find a large blast door. It is remarkably well intact. They find what looks like a small pad on the side of the door. Upon closer inspection it still appears to be functioning! They enter the code 352, and the door begins to open up like an accordion. Beyond a large hallway comes to life with a few flickering florescent bulbs. Everyone quickly realizes that they had somehow activated an old base they was not destroyed by Darklings.

Trevor decides to close the door, but realizes he cannot do so without the correct code. Trevor decides to hot wire the door to close upon noting an emergency lever to open the door nearby. He succeeds in doing so, and the door shuts.

Following the map they decide to head to the main security office. As they make their way there unseen sensors detect their movement, and bring the base to life around them. The sense of unease, and wonder fills everyone. They make it to the unlocked security office, and see dead remains of guards after a Darking attack. All of the machinery is destroyed. They do find some keys on one body, and pull security reports from a locked cabinet.

US TED – Security Report December 20, 2012

Krenor hears chittering that is becoming louder, and surrounding them The others do not hear it at first but as time goes on the realization that they have attracted the attention of the Darklings sinks in. They rush to lab area where they hope to find the parts needed from a supply room. Trevor fails to open the first door, but finds another he is able to open, while precious seconds tick away. They enter the lab section which is a scene of ancient carnage. While quickly picking through the remains, they find an intact keycard. Krenor finds, and pockets an intact device. They then hear audible chittering fromt the electrically active area. The party find the store room, and manage to open the room with the key card that they found.

Ready to leave, and with the vacuum tubes safely packed away, the sounds of darklings destroying the remaining infrastructure can be heard from the direction of the security office. Everyone resolves to rush out with Trevor leading the way. He decides to take a route to the main door they have not taken to avoid any possible confrontation with a Darkling.

They make it to the main blast door that they entered though via new route and throw the emergency switch. The door slowly opens, and they slide through as soon as there is enough clearance. Everyone makes a break for the horses. Trevor looks behind and is horrified by the sight of a darkling destroying the steel blast door like cardboard. He starts vomiting over himself as he runs to the horses. Rush notices Trevor not being near. He moves to help, and trips over the horses. Trevor is able to catch up, and everyone manages to get mounted and ride away.

A Strange Meeting

While finishing up a machine for Lord Travis Stranthorn, Content Not Found: Trevor-Morgan caused an unknown man to manifest before him. The whole process leaves the machine disabled. The man was obviously confused, and spoke a broken form of English. The man tries to escape using some kind of “flash Grenade” to distract Rush, and Trevor long enough for him to hide behind the broken machine. Leaving Rush to keep guard, Trevor went to Oak Hill to inform the authorities of this strange event, and get support.

Trevor met with the mayor Paul Cameron about the appearance of the mysterious man. They send a messenger to Lord Stranthorn to inform him of the events at Trevor Morgan’s workshop. Trevor also meets Alice Drake who is the personal assistant to Paul Cameron. She arranges transport back along with a few guards, a covered carriage, and the local chemist/medicine man. Trevor heads back ahead of the rest to keep things calm with the Unknown man and Rush.

Trevor makes it back, and tries to get some more information out of the mysterious man before the rest of the group arrives. When they do Trevor tries to get the mysterious man to go into the carriage. The man looks like he wants to run, but Rush going between him and the distant tree makes him reconsider. They all get in the carriage, and head off to Oak Hill.

When they reach a few minutes out of town the carriage is stopped by two members of the Shadowrose Society. They demand the release into their custody of the unknown man claiming he is an acolyte or gift from the Darklings. Trevor refuses, and threatens them driving them off for the time being.

Once back in Oak Hill they all setup shop in the town hall until they hear word from Lord Stranthorn in a week. They spend the next ten days waiting while trying to work out better communication, and piecing together the memories of the Unknown man. They do find a map on him, and decide to name him after one of the more pronounceable names. Krenor is the name they decide upon.

Ten days later they are surprised by the personal visit of Lord Travis Stranthorn. He holds an audience with Trevor, and Krenor in order to get first hand the events leading to Krenor’s appearance. Lord Stranthorn wants Trevor to repair the device as soon as he can. Trevor investigates, and finds that there are two broken tubes, and four broken fuses/connectors. He can get some of the items from a trader named Cecil Cherian. However Cecil was captured by The Society on his way into Oak hill.

Lord Travis cannot openly act against the Society due to political reasons. He sends the group out to rescue the merchant while providing inelegance on the local area. After scouting the area they decide to do a prisoner exchange for the merchant. They will have Krenor teleport out of the society’s warehouse. The few society members give Krenor food, and want to know what he has to say as the word from the Darklings. They get the idea he wants them to take over this area, and messengers are immediately sent out. Half an hour later Krenor teleports away leaving the remaining society members confused. When they exit the building to see where he may have gone Rush opens fire, and kills the remaining Society members.


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