A Distant World

US TRD Another World?

The adventures return to town three days later, and describe the events to Lord Stranthorn. Stranthorn asks Trevor how long he thinks it will take him to repair the device. Trevor estamates three weeks, and Stranthorn resolves to arrive at the finishing of the project in three weeks hence. The intervening weeks are slow and tedious with Trevor lost in his work.

Three weeks later Trevor gets tha machine online. With Lord Stranthorn arriving the next day. A whole entourage has come to see the event. Lord Stranthorn and a few attendants ener the workshop to see the event in person. Trevor turns on the device and it creates a stable light gateway.

Lord Stranthorn preforms a test by throwing a block of wood through the gateway. Kewnoe upon seeing this uses telekinesis to send a bolt through and pull it back. It is then suggested to use a syglass to look through the gateway. They see the block in a room on the other side. Krenor suggests using a living object by sending in a chicken. The chicken arrives safely in the other room. On an impulse Kalnor goes through the portal. He finds a room with a hexagon shape, and an aqua marine color glass. He picks up the chicken and heads back through.

Lord Stranthorn sends Rush, Trevor and Krenor through to as a search party in for one hour. They go though and find that the place has the same time and date as local. They can tell by the functioning computer consoles near the chamber where they enter. The facility is well maintained just dusty. They find a ready room with a dead solder and a note.

They take a nearby functioning lift to ground level. The place has partly functioning lights, and functioning old tech. Rush hears an alarm in the distance. Going through a security checkpoint they realize they are in the same layout of facility they were in earlier, but different in what was functioning. It shows no sign of a Darkling attack. They make their way to main security exactly where it was before, but with everything functioning. They turn off the alarm. grab all recent reports and make their way back. The last report is January 14 2001

They make it back when the portal comes in it sets off alarms about an unknown gate connection. Travis is interested in the news of a darkling free world and wants them to explore more. He takes the notes and papers to be worked on and studied. He informs everyone a few days later of what was found. Apparently the place died in some sort of mass war with radiation killing people. The notes on the guard was a suicide note.



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