A Distant World

A Strange Meeting

While finishing up a machine for Lord Travis Stranthorn, Content Not Found: Trevor-Morgan caused an unknown man to manifest before him. The whole process leaves the machine disabled. The man was obviously confused, and spoke a broken form of English. The man tries to escape using some kind of “flash Grenade” to distract Rush, and Trevor long enough for him to hide behind the broken machine. Leaving Rush to keep guard, Trevor went to Oak Hill to inform the authorities of this strange event, and get support.

Trevor met with the mayor Paul Cameron about the appearance of the mysterious man. They send a messenger to Lord Stranthorn to inform him of the events at Trevor Morgan’s workshop. Trevor also meets Alice Drake who is the personal assistant to Paul Cameron. She arranges transport back along with a few guards, a covered carriage, and the local chemist/medicine man. Trevor heads back ahead of the rest to keep things calm with the Unknown man and Rush.

Trevor makes it back, and tries to get some more information out of the mysterious man before the rest of the group arrives. When they do Trevor tries to get the mysterious man to go into the carriage. The man looks like he wants to run, but Rush going between him and the distant tree makes him reconsider. They all get in the carriage, and head off to Oak Hill.

When they reach a few minutes out of town the carriage is stopped by two members of the Shadowrose Society. They demand the release into their custody of the unknown man claiming he is an acolyte or gift from the Darklings. Trevor refuses, and threatens them driving them off for the time being.

Once back in Oak Hill they all setup shop in the town hall until they hear word from Lord Stranthorn in a week. They spend the next ten days waiting while trying to work out better communication, and piecing together the memories of the Unknown man. They do find a map on him, and decide to name him after one of the more pronounceable names. Krenor is the name they decide upon.

Ten days later they are surprised by the personal visit of Lord Travis Stranthorn. He holds an audience with Trevor, and Krenor in order to get first hand the events leading to Krenor’s appearance. Lord Stranthorn wants Trevor to repair the device as soon as he can. Trevor investigates, and finds that there are two broken tubes, and four broken fuses/connectors. He can get some of the items from a trader named Cecil Cherian. However Cecil was captured by The Society on his way into Oak hill.

Lord Travis cannot openly act against the Society due to political reasons. He sends the group out to rescue the merchant while providing inelegance on the local area. After scouting the area they decide to do a prisoner exchange for the merchant. They will have Krenor teleport out of the society’s warehouse. The few society members give Krenor food, and want to know what he has to say as the word from the Darklings. They get the idea he wants them to take over this area, and messengers are immediately sent out. Half an hour later Krenor teleports away leaving the remaining society members confused. When they exit the building to see where he may have gone Rush opens fire, and kills the remaining Society members.



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